Jake Adam Howse.

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Here are some more photo's of little Jake with Alison, Connor and friends.
I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Also as a special bonus please read the following from our official sponsor of Jake...


Well here he is, finally home and out of his hospital-issue clothes, and looking very handsome, we think.

Come on BECKS!

Can't believe it's been a week since Jake was born, it's just flown by.

Luckily the labour was short - mild contractions started around 9 pm last Wednesday evening, 
we were at the hospital by 11.30 pm and Jake was born at1.31 am on Thursday morning. 

I wanna go back !!!!!

Paul didn't even get chance to read his book!

(Yeah- right :))

We were both glad that things happened so quickly, 
but to my horror I was told when we got to the hospital 
that it was already too late for an epidural! 

Talk about sheer panic.


So I had the complete natural child birth experience,  which I have to say I would absolutely NOT recommend. 
It was certainly intense, shall we say.

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I can't believe that before epidurals, everyone had kids that way. 
I'm surprised the human race kept going.

Well....that's another 3 points :)

Anyway, so far Jake is a very good baby - 
he's very quiet, even when he's awake - 
probably because he can't get a word in edgeways what with the dogs barking 
and Connor being the world's biggest chatterbox. 

Hey dude, stop watching telly and lift me up!

Connor is very pleased to be a big brother 
and is always trying to hug and kiss Jake.
 I think he's a bit disappointed that Jake is not quite up to
 playing soccer with him yet - maybe next season . . .

Use your hands...not your TEETH

On a final note, we wanted to say a huge thank you 
to all of our friends and family for all of their e-mails, 

Declan and Jake

cards and good wishes. 
We are keeping
everything so that Jake can see when he's older...


Hope to see you all soon

Alison and the boys

x x x


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